This Is Not America

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, it is proper to ask – where will this end? “This” being the intentional regression and dismantling of significant social and political policies where the vast majority of Americans polled want what the Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional. I want to be clear – polls reflecting Americans of right, center, and left-wing persuasions – over 70% – wanted Roe v. Wade to NOT be overturned.

As if this isn’t already a nightmare unfolding, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has already indicated the next issues to overturn are related to contraceptives and Same-Sex Marriages. Davie Bowie cowrote a song with the Pat Metheny Group entitled, This Is Not America, which was used as part of a film soundtrack for a movie where two Americans sells US National Security secrets to the Soviet Union.  In 1985, the premise, that of two young Americans betraying their country for money and drugs, was inconceivable.

Today, Supreme Court Judges, members of the US Congress, the 45th President of US, and millions of Americans believe that betraying the Constitution is patriotic. Tragically, and even more sinister, these actions are motivated by their distorted views of God and the Christian Canon of Scripture. To this end, most of the aforementioned deem to be representing glittering examples of fidelity, discipleship, and obedience to the rest of America and the world. This too, is not America.

The pathetic legislation signed by President Joe Biden related to guns falls pathetically short of any genuine and comprehensive program to ensure responsible gun owners are not targeted, but the process to become one is difficult and for those who shouldn’t own a weapon – impossible. Our children remain as much in danger as the new academic year begins in roughly under two months as they were before Uvalde, Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Columbine – just to name a few. Gun lobbyists are truly some of the most powerful politicians in the United States.

Let us return to Roe v. Wade, however. For as much as the court and the supporters of this historic decision cry victory for life and protection of children in the womb, the policies of the GOP leave children to fend for themselves and are left to the mercy of their upbringing, their unchosen economic circumstances, and the repercussions of being born a specific color and gender. Life is only precious it seems for these hypocrites to mean anything before birth. As soon as they enter this world, the forces of political longevity, power, and invisible “constituents” will cause a significant number of politicians to do whatever they need to be reelected and those children they “protected” will be killed by weapons, sent to unnecessary wars, die of overdose pay ungodly amounts for college tuition, get into unnecessary debt, may not afford medical insurance, may not afford insulin, will eat only when their public school cafeterias are open, may never marry who they love, will not be able to travel to address a pregnancy due to rape or incest, etc.

So what are we to do? What can we do? Is there anything to do?

Christians cannot be willing to forfeit the authentic identity of Christianity over to insidious frauds who use God’s name in vain and promote hate, division, violence, and means of economic power that will ensure disparity and greater want. I do not believe any reasonable human being in this country is not shocked by the January 6th hearings, although most Americans have continued with their lives, as it were.

Indeed, gas prices are too high, and we cannot continue to accept this is the fault of Putin or COVID-19. We must and cannot continue to perpetuate any economic system that pains the people of this nation – especially when it is essential for children to get to schools, parents to work, elderly to their medical appointments, and people to get though their day. Crime in our cities is running rampant. Chicago, New York, San Francisco, for instance, are practically war zones in particular neighborhoods. The southern border is in dire conditions where resources cannot sufficiently address the historic highs never seen before according to Department of Homeland Security data.

This is the fault of BOTH political parties whose methods of selective moral outrage over the last 30 years (if not longer) have caused the total and comprehensive breakdown of a fragile Madisonian democracy whose lifeblood is the mutual TRUST and respect elected officials must have for the Americans people. This requires the unquestionable urgency to act as elected officials with character, integrity, and to honor the Constitution of the United States.

As Christians we must vote. As Christians we cannot embrace a party over God.  As Christians we cannot simply believe someone else is going to write that letter, make that phone call, write that email, or attend that town meeting or protest. These are acts of conscience. But these are also tools we have to exert pressure, let our voices be heard, and clarify that an opposition does exist and will not be silenced.

This may sound a bit trite, but we are in a time where Christians – genuine followers of Christ, become praying people as never before. For some prayer doesn’t seem to be much. Prayer is the foundational spiritual practice that provides the energy and momentum to do everything I have mentioned available to most citizens. If you pray and lobby – go for it. If you can pray and sue the state, by all means. If you pray and can exert influence among local politicians – then please do so. Whatever has been given – it is to be used for the edification of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

We are very close to losing this experiment we call the United States. Exceptionalism blinded us to be faithful curators of what we had and now it seems there is no leader to guide us toward the promised land. All point instead to wastelands where broken promises and false witnesses are available by the bucketload. I close by saying that I do believe this can pass and we can become the better for it. It will require an endurance most of us are not fit for anymore in the days of instantaneous gratification and Amazon. But I do believe that the better angels are still available to strengthen us for the task ahead. If we care truly about life – all life – in its beautiful diversity as expressed in the human family and the planet, then let us give our next generation a country not worth dying for – but one where the gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed and worth living for.


Rev. Dr. Daniel Medina


Miami Lakes Congregational Church

June 25, 2022

Miami, Florida