A progressive Church affirms:

We read the Bible in light of its historical context, taking it very seriously but not literally.

With a global vision, we embrace God’s world – where all people are valued in their race, ethnicity, gender, age, orientation, or socio-economic status.

Our commitment to justice for the poor, the sick and the vulnerable; believing that education, health care, the environment and civil liberties are core values.

We encourage people to think critically, with an openness to new ways of living our faith and helping Christ’s Church realize God’s purposes.

Our church and the wider United Church of Christ believe that we don’t have to agree on everything to be in community with one another. We don’t have to have all the answers, either – in fact, we value our questions and doubts, trusting that they help us to find a more authentic faith.

“There is more truth and light yet to break forth from God’s holy word.”

– John Robinson, 17th century pastor to the Pilgrims

We believe that God is still speaking to us today, and asks us to offer God’s extravagant welcome to all, especially those who have felt like they had no place in the church: the excluded, the spiritually homeless and the questioning.

“Never place a period
where God has placed a comma.”

– Gracie Allen, 20th century American comedian